Why Kriyatex?

Kriyatex is a full service hand weaving studio, providing custom color and design offered direct to the interiors trade. As designers continually seek exceptional products, we create bespoke textiles for distinctive and unique projects. Each pattern and coloration is designed and produced specifically to suit a highly discerning clientele. We carefully consider existing design elements to enhance the environment.

Our fabric is crafted exclusively for individual projects, affording highly personalized service, and refining the design collaboration between interior designer and artisan.


We make customer feel free

We can provide custom production of your unique design. Alongside with our extensive catalogproducts, we offer customization for yourfabricneeds. Kriyatex also specializes in reproductions of timeless antique pieces, keeping alive the fine weavers of days gone by.We would not only deliver a fine quality fabrics to our customer but we would also allow the customers and our partners to work with us to express their creativity. 

By choosing Kriyatex as the material supplier for your business needs, we could do the customization which according to your requirements. We could provide your for customizing the motif/patterns, size, and maximizing your product assurance at its best quality.


Kriyatex has been supplying the materials to some of well-known furniture companies that exporting their products to America and Europe. We are also supplying the materials for local furniture companies and textile retails. Kriyatex’s have been delivered the fine quality materials for our partners/customers with the supports of our crafters/weavers from the villages across Klaten.

Kriyatex handwoven draws inspiration from historical documents, decorative arts, culture, fashion, and the natural world. Ongoing world travel and research help us discover and incorporate unusual fibers into our distinctive fabrics. By combining luxurious yarns together, we create a timeless signature-style, hand-woven .cloth, each with an exquisite color palette, richness, and depth


Our team will work with you to create custom colorations, modify an existing pattern, translate a product for another end use or help realize a more complex design of your own creation.

Follow your imagination, the possibilities are endless!