Nguter Indigo Black - White Hs, is the combination between the Javanese traditional pattern (polos) and the modern design. We are using the plain warp and weave techniques to make the dominant colour that would appear as if the patterns were collided. Under this weave structure we are also used the heedle size's 28 and 100% cotton 100% handwoven. therefore the essential technique is only used for the warp. In every warp structure the pattern arrangement is structured with plain white weft and black - white warps that is made of cotton yarn as well as indigo blue handspun plain weft for the whole fabric

Nguter Indigo Black – White Hs

Rp 85.000

Product Info

Berat :0.7 Kg
Stok :4

Material : 100% cotton

size :
Width 100cm,
fiber content : Handspun Yarn
colourway : indigo blue

How to handle our fabrics

We recommend that you gently hand wash items with detergent and lukewarm water the first 2-3 times after purchase.Regarding tapestries, cloths and other ornamental items, we recommend that you hand wash with warm water once every six month to a year to get rid of any excess dye.Please use detergent that does not include any whitening or bleaching agents.Although Kriyatex indigo dye products have been stripped of excess dye using natural dye stripping agents prior to purchase, there is still a possibility of color transfer with harsh rubbing or other close / vigorous interactions.While brown or yellow pigment may appear during washing, this is a chemical component unique to the indigo dye we use, whilst doing this repeatedly, you may remove the excess dye and be left with more vivid colors than before.This is a very special trait of ours, and why Kriyatex indigo dye products are the best. 
Because the products are handmade, each item’s colors and patterns are unique. * The dye may react to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and discoloration may occur. Please keep away from excessive ultraviolet rays or sunlight. In the unlikely event of discoloration, place the item hot water overnight, wash and repeat. Using a washing machine is possible (with the delicate wash function).

The terms of an order

Each product will have a different delivery date, so please confirm before making an order. (written under the product info of each item)
As the delivery is only a guide, the delivery date may be earlier or later than expected. We cannot offer returns due to “product dissatisfaction” related to color and shape etc, so please check before placing your order.
Please be advised that the natural colors of the indigo dye may differ in appearance due to photography, monitor brightness etc.

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